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StrongGaming at SiGMA 2019

We are thrilled to announce that we will be attending this year's SiGMA Europe! 6th edition of the conference will take place in beautiful Malta between between the 27th to 29th November. If you happen to be there please stop by our booth BR127 in the branding zones...

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The Design Trends for iGaming Websites

If we have to narrow down one design trend that our iGaming studio follows, it would be the trend of simplicity and easy navigation combined with clean layout. Looking more closely at our portfolio, you will find out that our designs are usually showcasing their...

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Learn more about Strong Gaming

Strong Gaming is a Bulgarian creative studio that strives to improve the outsourcing image of the country by providing iGaming services to foreign Gaming companies, looking for reliable outsourcing services for their business. We realize that choosing an outsourcing...

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What Service Do You Get By Ordering Naming For iGaming?

We have an experience with naming brands and products and that’s why you can trust us with your ideas that don’t have a name yet. The question you’re probably asking is why should someone else do the naming for my business, when I can come up with the name of my dog...

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Why is Eastern Europe a Popular Outsourcing Destination?

The question is burning, the answer is simple - Eastern Europe is a popular outsourcing destination, because there are a lot of benefits. What kind of benefits? Low cost Eastern Europe is very attractive iGaming outsourcing destination because the region is providing...

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What’s common between Malta and Bulgaria?

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean, close to Italy. The country is also know as the iGaming hub of Europe. Perhaps there are many reason for iGaming companies to move their business there, but the winning one definitely is the taxation. Big companies as...

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Which Are The Best iGaming Outstourcing Companies?

Ok, we must admit that the title of the article is intentionally misleading. There isn’t an official list of best outsourcing companies for gaming products and services. However, for the sake of punctuality we would tell you more about on what depends making the best...

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What Kind of Support Strong Gaming Can Offer?

Strong Gaming can do a lot of things when it comes to developing new or already existing projects. In most cases our work starts with the inbox client inquiry and ends with the final approval from the client. However, this frame is not the only one we operate on. What...

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What is iGaming?

The iGaming or online gaming is the wagering of money or some other value on the outcome of an event or a game, using internet. The iGaming activities include poker, online casinos, sports betting, etc., but the largest share of the market is made up of casino games...

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Strong Gaming Let The Dogs Out

TopDog is one of our favorite online slot projects. Not just because we are puppy lovers, but also because every member of our team is more than excited to have the opportunity to claim responsibility for the infamous question from the 00's song of Baha Men. Yeah,...

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