The question is burning, the answer is simple – Eastern Europe is a popular outsourcing destination, because there are a lot of benefits. What kind of benefits?

Low cost

Eastern Europe is very attractive iGaming outsourcing destination because the region is providing quality game development services on low cost. Check up more about the similarities between Malta and Bulgaria.

Well educated and skilled professionals

The work of programmers and graphic designers in Eastern Europe is comparable with the work of professionals anywhere else in the world in terms of quality and skills.

Flexibility in pricing

Pricing could be offered by project, by hour or on retainer basis. However, work in Eastern Europe is mostly done on a project basis. The main reason is that this pricing reduces the risk of paying for people to become trained. The payment goes for a whole project no matter how many hours it takes for the work on the project.

Communication in English

Communication is an important factor when it comes to outsourcing from USA to Europe. There are different time zones and for this reason the communication between the two sides is guided by challenges. The countries in Eastern Europe are teaching English from first grade and that’s why most of the challenges are eliminated.

Eastern Europe is close to the culture of Western Europeans and the Americans. By outsourcing there, you’ll have no room for worries about the working relationship. The only thing you have to arm yourself with is understanding and patience, because outsourcing is continuous process not only in Europe, but anywhere in the world.

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