If we have to narrow down one design trend that our iGaming studio follows, it would be the trend of simplicity and easy navigation combined with clean layout. Looking more closely at our portfolio, you will find out that our designs are usually showcasing their strengths and at the same are avoiding the complicated look. But behind the design of the successful gaming websites, stands more than a sense for aesthetic.

There are a lot of design agencies in the outsourcing friendly countries. Their prices are ranging from very cheap to very expensive, but no matter what the prices is, not every good design company is good in the field of gaming. That’s why you should acquire the ability to put the right questions in the cross-talk between asking for a quote and paying for your project.

What you should look for in a design company is not just a portfolio with pretty and aesthetic designs. There is more than that in iGaming. That’s why Strong Gaming’s advice is first to contact the company and ask more about their experience and knowledge in marketing iGaming websites. To be more punctual, the questions you need to ask are if the company does A/B split testing or if the company is familiar with CRO or UX/UI. You may even contact some of the clients of the company and ask them for a recommendation.

Strong Gaming has an experience with design and redesign of igaming websites and logos, and that’s why we’re confident in our judgment for the design trends that should be followed when it comes to working for gaming business. Writing this article is our way to tell you that you should require more than a quote from the design agencies you’ll contact for your gaming business. You should ask and by the answers you’ll get, to judge if this is the right design company or just another billing agency.
Start with asking now.