We have an experience with naming brands and products and that’s why you can trust us with your ideas that don’t have a name yet. The question you’re probably asking is why should someone else do the naming for my business, when I can come up with the name of my dog or my childhood crush? The company names matter and it’s not neccessary to conduct a market research, in order to name your products or brands, but if you want to be sure that the name of your brand will be successfull, you should step on some market researched ground. And since time is precious, we’re offering our experience to do the job.

Why a market research is needed before making a naming?

By conducting a market research, you are identifying the potential reception of the name. The name must be likeable and trustworthy. But if your brand/product’s name is all ready reserved, has an inapproperiate translation or has some other issue, you may find yourself in a situation where you invested money in branding and business cards, and then you have to throw everything in the trash and invest again, because you have to change your naming. Strong Gaming can do a market research for you and make a shortlist with naming choices that would fit to you and your business.

What will you get from us by ordering a naming for your iGaming?

We will make a market research and will use it as a background for selecting the best naming proposals, based on your guidelines. We will алсо make sure the names aren’t registered trademark in the niches of the iGaming business. You will have an analysis for each naming proposal so that you can make an informed decision. When you select a name for your igaming business, we’ll be happy to offer you another one of our specialty – logo design.