The iGaming or online gaming is the wagering of money or some other value on the outcome of an event or a game, using internet. The iGaming activities include poker, online casinos, sports betting, etc., but the largest share of the market is made up of casino games and sports betting.

The most popular iGaming hubs in the world are Malta, Gibraltar and UK. However, there are many iGaming studios in other countries as well. They also strive to stake their share on the gaming market, focusing on flexibility in the pricing, hard work and efficient delivery.

Strong Gaming is an iGaming creative studio. Aside from developing iGaming projects – casinos, betting websites, slot games, etc., the studio is specialised also in web design, logo design and newsletters. In other words – every service in the field of the gaming business is just one inquiry away from you.

Our iGaming portfolio could be found here. We suggest you to¬†give a closer look to our web design and logo design services. In case you find them as “your thing”, we’ll be happy to have a little chat and discuss our common direction. Contact us.